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Hope everyone had a safe & happy Thanksgiving holiday with family & friends, now on to Christmas... it will be here before you know it!!

 As for my show this year... I was hoping to turn on the lights on 11/28, but that didn't happen, so 12/5 is now my target date. 

I haven't had any time to do sequencing, so it will be with computer generated sequences, which I don't like!! Also been working on revamping old sequences.

I re-strung the 4 artificial trees (they really needed it) & built 4 new display pieces... nothing special, just 4 wreaths. The pictures are on my Facebook page (link below) . You will also notice that my display for this year, is much smaller then previous years. That is due to the lack of time for a bigger display.


I'm still working on getting video's done & uploaded for 2014, but a major old laptop died. I'm going to work on the remaining ones over the holidays. 
I do have 7 video's done so far.

As usual, I will continue to keep my site updated, but for the latest & last minute updates, please feel free to check my Facebook page.

Just a FYI...

1&1, the host for my website, has decided to eliminate the Photo Gallery, among many other features. So any pictures that I have (going forward), will be posted on the Facebook page for my website.
I have my display pictures uploaded!

All of my video's for 2012 have been uploaded!


My display (2011) made it into the

Lake County News Herald 


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