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I am currently working on re-stringing the 4 artificial trees (they really need it) & building 4 new display pieces... nothing special, just 4 wreaths. I will post pictures once they are completed.

Well, with the exception of a few glitches here & there, I think my show went pretty well for 2014 and judging by all the comments, most of you agree! It's been fun and I'm glad to see so many people enjoyed the show!! 

I'm currently working on getting video's done & uploaded, but my old laptop is fighting me every step of the way, so this is taking forever!
I do have 7 video's done so far.

As usual, I will continue to keep my site updated, but for the latest & last minute updates, please feel free to check my Facebook page.

Just a FYI...

1&1, the host for my website, has decided to eliminate the Photo Gallery, among many other features. So any pictures that I have (going forward), will be posted on the Facebook page for my website.
I have my display pictures uploaded!

All of my video's for 2012 have been uploaded!


My display (2011) made it into the

Lake County News Herald 


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