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I would like to ask that anyone stopping by to see my show, to Please be respectful of my neighbors! Don't block/park or turn around in their driveways. I am asking that you keep your radios at a respectable level and don't throw your trash out the window. My street is narrow so people need to be one side only, so that other cars not coming for the show, can get by!

Christmas Eve & Christmas Night, I will be running my show 6-10 pm.

The lights will be off Dec. 26th, and will resume on the 27th.

New Year's Eve (final night) will also be 6-10 pm.

As usual, I will continue to keep my site updated, but for the latest & last minute updates, please feel free to check my Facebook page.
I plan to get more pictures posted and update my display picture (above) as soon as possible!

Just a FYI...

1&1, the host for my website, has decided to eliminate the Photo Gallery, among many other features. So any pictures that I have (going forward), will be posted on the Facebook page for my website.
I have my display pictures uploaded!

All of my video's for 2012 have been uploaded!


My display (2011) made it into the

Lake County News Herald 


Site Updates... 12-8-2014